Selected Treatments now Available at Fitness Center’s SPA Rooms.

Georgetown Allure Medical Spa is delighted to offer you a selection of treatments designed exclusively for Central Place, enjoy this luxurious amenity at the comfort of your residence.
Whether you are looking to relax, revitalize or simply escape the world for a few moments, we have the treatment to perfectly match your needs. Our protocols are inspired by top professionals in the skin care industry and our avant-garde treatments and products – always performed by highly trained estheticians – are so effective and therapeutically beneficial you will be left in complete bliss.


Discover your optimal experience from our selection of treatments, simply choose from one of our services that are delivered with impeccable nurture that will leave you relaxed, restored, and renewed.



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Hand Crafted Massages and Recovery Therapy

All the Central Place residents are now welcome to enjoy the highest level of service as well as a luxurious, elegant massage services. This is the bonus amenity every high end residential building must have. 

Georgetown Allure Medical Spa has created a tranquil environment of beautiful, fresh aromas and sensual lighting that appeals to the senses and calms the mind. 


Massage Therapy is a great help in quieting the mind, improving concentration and bringing about a general sense of well-being. It is also generates amazing physical benefits. By stimulating the body’s own healing processes, massage therapy relaxes the nervous system and reduces tension in tight muscles, and increases blood and lymph circulation. We recommend only the most professional and reliable massage therapists.


to get started on your journey to healthier, more beautiful skin.