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Georgetown Allure is the
gateway to the world of your
esthetical dreams.

Located in the heart and soul of Washington D.C.’s most prominent neighborhood, our venue is the place where your ideas about youth and health will be celebrated and pursued. Flawless skin is entirely feasible thanks to our innovative skincare approach. Over the years, this infallible method has been treasured by a selective few and now we want to share it and spread it throughout Washington D.C. -the epicenter of beauty savviness. Georgetown Allure is the quintessential solution to reach the maximum potential your skin deserves.

From the best technology today’s market can offer to enhance the wellness of your complexion, to the highest and meticulous facial protocol science has achieved, we feel compelled to provide you with this carefully personalized system exclusively for your benefit.

We are grateful you chose to visit our website since we know that world-class high-quality skin care is probably also like us, your main driving force. Redefining medical esthetic and skincare has been the number one priority to keep successfully gaining the experience in cosmetic procedures that can only be acquired with the thorough dedication Georgetown Allure’s team has had on both medical and non-medical fields and medical entrepreneurship throughout time.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to find the best solution for your skin. And, while being in the forefront of aesthetic cutting-edge solutions, our secret has always been to actively listen and absorb the knowledge our patients have shared. This is the key factor, -a fountain of wealth on skin care know-how and the inspiration in every product and service Georgetown Allure has placed its name. People like yourselves, who want and strive to be served with the utmost luxurious, yet effective methods are the incentive we embraced. You act, take action on improving your lifestyle and we take you along the journey of renovating and creating a better self. Together we will reach all your aesthetical desires.

Our story began in August 2017. After years in the skincare industry and medical entrepreneurship, we have gathered extensive and deep knowledge on what works best regarding rejuvenating your skin. We realized there was a great need in the market to redefine aesthetic skin care. Furthermore, we understand that people have dreams about achieving a healthy lifestyle. Georgetown Allure grants you this dream not only by accomplishing the results of looking and feeling younger through a personalized plan but also by living with you the incredible journey of your transformation, guiding your every step based on a relationship of trust with the most professional skin care specialists.

As Washingtonians and beauty experts, we are quite proud of being at the top of all things, especially skin care state-of-the-art technology. This is why Georgetown Allure uses the best technology and provides the best products in the market including a privately labeled repertory of products and devices to meet the uniqueness of our patients.

Georgetown Allure was conceived by creating a place that redefines your approach to skin care, understanding that we want to inspire people to look better in order to feel better, which in return becomes a healthy lifestyle. By becoming a member of Georgetown Allure, your perspective of skin care will have a 180-degree change for the better.

Traditional beauty spas offer classic facials which only affect your skin in a superficial way and on the other hand, going to a medical practice can sometimes be overwhelming since some procedures will take up a long downtime for recovery. Therefore, by carefully selecting and offering first-rate technology, coupled with forefront products and innovative techniques, Georgetown Allure Medical Spa is the place for a holistic solution. Let the calming music and general atmosphere make for a peaceful getaway in the bustling neighborhood of Georgetown, whilst being swoon away by the minimalistic, yet ethereal interior design.

Our three treatment rooms are specifically designed for revolutionary skin care services and are tailored to our customer’s needs. They are exclusively prepared for our Non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments, injectable facial fillers, laser procedures, and stellar one-on-one client services.

The main goal is to bring you a complete skin care regime. From daily facials and, recommendations on what treatments are most suitable for your skin type to suggestions on what to aesthetically do next in order to show the best version of yourself. Our team of experienced skin care professionals and estheticians offer a variety of rejuvenation and anti-aging services, including chemical peels, facial treatments, and services to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, rosacea, wrinkles, age spots, acne and more.

To achieve next-level skin care, we have recently partnered with West End Plastic Surgery - top Washingtonian Plastic Surgery-. Led by Dr. Paul G. Ruff IV, FACS as our Medical Director, Georgetown Allure can give you the medical treatments that are most relevant to you such as injectables and a variety of dermal filler treatments including BOTOX, Restylane, Juvederm, to name a few. Only the most skilled and credentialed physicians will be available on both an appointment and walk-in basis. We are delighted to bring you a Medical Director such as Dr. Ruff who has been named this year’s Best Plastic Surgeon of D.C. by Washington City Paper.

We are true believers of Dante Alighieri’s philosophy: “Beauty awakens the soul to act”. In lieu, this phrase, we have built a demanding protocol for all our services. Moreover, this statement is deeply enrooted in our core belief system. We believe in redefining beauty lifestyle, approaching life and people with the utmost care to ultimately look and feel better. Acting from within the soul is what creates beauty in all aspects of life.

Our team is dedicated to making you feel rested, revived and rejuvenated. Discover Georgetown Allure. Discover the best version of you.

to get started on your journey to healthier, more beautiful skin.