Inside the Salon

Entering the Spa

Picture walking hurriedly by M street on Georgetown. People rushing through, going in and out of fancy stores, waiting for the stoplight to turn green. There is a hassle, even craziness until you can pinpoint from a blur a spa venue. It is called Georgetown Allure and you can already tell it is a safe haven, you must take a break. After all, it is time to indulge in yourself.

Although the entrance keeps aligned with the historic district infrastructure from King George II’s era and from all the other early Federal and Classical Revival houses on the street, the glare from the windows can show a preview of a place were heavenly cleanliness and medical precision is in its atmosphere.

As you walk in, the nice and purifying air embellished with a hint of flower fragrance creates the welcoming into the world of the esthetic care high-class beauty spa. Not soon after, the most caring and charismatic skin care specialist welcomes you to the Georgetown Allure experience. Yes, there is a heaven on earth.

Front Bar

This majestic front bar is contained by iridescent blue marble walls and minimalistic shelves that provide a nice wavy arrangement. This frame brings the perfect juxtaposition of balancing the medical esthetic efficiency, natural flow of life and the constant technological discoveries made by science through the white counter borderlines. At this stage, our skin care expert will listen attentively to your skin care regime and recommend the best course of action.

The choice is entirely yours: You can either have a demonstration of our extensive selection of top-rated products while siting comfortably on our leather chairs or you can start the process of reaching real results on your skin by entering the holistic solution at the treatment rooms with the personalized packages we selectively customized for each skin type and necessity. Georgetown Allure provides you with several treatments; from the non-surgical face and neck lift, chemical peels, and 24K Gold facials, to Injectables and Fillers, Laser treatments and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments. Revolutionary rejuvenation is at the tip of your hands.

Waiting Lounge

Entering the lounge waiting area is a blissful experience. Greeted by a magnificent grey marble back wall, enjoy the soothing music with some refreshments and perhaps reach out for a healthy lifestyle reading which are available upon request. During this time, your assigned specialist will guide you through what will be your facial treatment with a professionally trained esthetician. This is the moment where you can register in our system all your desired goals and we can guide and track the progress made.

Once everything is set up and ready in the treatment room, our prominent esthetician will kindly provide you with a high thread count cotton robe as well as a pair of cozy slippers to change into and then proceed to the room where the change to your skin care begins.

Face treatment Rooms

Georgetown Allure has three treatment rooms accommodated with the latest technology and cutting-edge protocols on how to get the best results for each treatment. The lighting design was especially selected to bring the appropriate intensity, so it can lead the way of having a relaxing experience. Feel free to set your personal belongings in one of the mahogany counter cabinets with a marble finish that always keeps the freshness and purity of the room. Then start by laying on the white leather beauty chair which is covered with 500 cotton thread count sheets and a soft cover duvet if the room feels a bit cold. We encourage you to ask all the inquiries you might come upon; however, we assure you our esthetician is there to let you know every step of the process what are the steps that follow. Depending on the treatment and your preference we can have the face treatment room with a privacy setting or let the glass wall be the icon of transparency on everything we undertake.

Welcome to the start of your 180 degrees of change for the better. After the esthetician has performed what can only be described as 60 minutes of an elevated and becoming facial, the skin care specialist will take you to the reception desk to hand out products for your new skin care regime and follow up with recommendation tips and suggestions on how to maximize the benefits of the Georgetown Allure experience.

Thanks for letting us bring you the most effective method into your life, and thank you for letting us be a part of your family.

Get started on your journey to healthier, beautiful skin.
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