Non- Surgical Face and Neck Lift Treatment

It’s been said that the best way to take “those years off” is to go to the operating theater and get it done but one thing for sure, surgery is not for everyone. Year after year beauty standards keep rising, and therefore, we can see how people are going more and more into invasive treatments to look better, younger and healthier. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeon, 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were carried on only in 2017, with an increase of 99% in the last 10 years.

While young people look to enhance their bodies, older generations are having small procedures to take off years in their faces. But having a procedure that requires taking time off work, recovery stages and a lot of anesthesia makes us consider the option three or four times before jumping into our doctor’s medical center.

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Technology, The Game Changer

Thanks to the Nano technology that’s moving as fast as we’re reading this article, the treatments available in the skin care industry have evolved and we can now talk about Non-Surgical Procedures, like the Non-Surgical Face And Neck Lift.

Designed to lift sagging skin and diminish fine lines, this revolutionary treatment in the noninvasive skin care industry, uses a unique combination of LED light techniques and a Thermal treatment working on the reproduction of collagen, using Nano technology allowing the latter one to penetrate the muscles and tighten the skin.

Unlike surgery, the treatment is not painful, there is no anesthesia involved and no side effects along with guaranteed results between 10 to 15 years.

Non-Invasive Treatments With A Natural Look

Most people believe that having a treatment means that you’ll lose the natural look in your eyes, face or expression. Now you can have both, a younger and natural look that will provide a healthier and brighter look.

The treatment combines Thermal and Led light, but also we are given our patients a full follow up Package of cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs and devices to erase not only the sings of age, but to have a better and healthier skin.

Have you ever asked the
sequestions to yourself?

If you have then you’re the perfect candidate
for a Non-Surgical Face And Neck Lift

  • Do I you have new jowls?
  • Are my cheeks falling down creating ‘sausage lines’ around your mouth?
  • Is my skin blotchy and pigmented with age spots?
  • Do I have frown lines or hollowness under your eyes?
  • Do I have deep grooves creating a frown around your mouth?

The treatment is available with no income range and is recommended for age groups of 35-85-year-old. Prices start at 6K to 38K depending on the extension of the treatment and coverage areas.

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