Acne Relief

$189.00 60 minutes

Restore your skin texture and firmness with our high concentrated Vitamin C facial. This facial is rich in powerful antioxidants that will leave your skin smoother, brighter and radiant. Following our standard facial, microdermabrasion and vitamin C mask, this facial will help reverse signs of ageing by firming and decreasing wrinkles and fine lines. You will have a totally new youthful complexion!

Too many acne outbreaks? This facial is made to calm and treat active and inflamed acne skin types. Using all natural but medical approach products, this facial will definitely soothe and purify blemished, irritated/overactive skin. This face treatment includes 2 times face cleansing and exfoliation with deep extractions, camphor mask and medicated lotion to give you the calmness and evenness feeling to your troubled skin. High frequency will accelerate the healing, leaving you skin ready to receive effectively your new routine provided from our team.

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