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Full Microdermabrasion facial with  extractions, serum and LED Green Light Therapy Add-on

60 minute treatment

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As the years go on, our skin is constantly exposed to damages brought on by environmental and physiological factors. Fine lines and expression marks develop and years of sun exposure can cause sun damage and discoloration. These unsightly blemishes are unavoidable and if you’re wondering what you can do to rejuvenate your skin in a minimally invasive and inexpensive way, you should

What to Expect After Your Microdermabrasion Facial

After the initial microdermabrasion treatment session, you can expect your complexion to have a pink or red hue but this will likely go away within a day. You may also find that your skin feels tight or sun-burned. Much like the skin discoloration, these sensations should subside fairly quickly.

While you can expect to see some improvement immediately after the session, optimal results will be observable only after all recommended treatment sessions. If you want to fully restore a youthful glow to your skin’s appearance, stay vigilant and complete all treatment sessions (recommended three).

Your provider will likely recommend that you keep your skin thoroughly moisturized following the procedure. It’s possible that some skin peeling may occur in treated areas but proper moisturizing efforts should reduce this.

It is also important to avoid direct sun exposure by all costs. If you’re absolutely unable to stay out of the sun’s rays following your microdermabrasion treatment, protect your skin with sunscreen SPF 15 or more. Immediate use of make-up products is best to avoid as well.

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