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Get Ready For Your Non Invasive Face Lift

Embark on a journey into non-invasive beauty with the Famous Non-Invasive Face Lift at Georgetown Allure Medical Spa. Join us as we explore the transformative power of Radio Frequency and Infra-red LED technology, sculpting jawlines and smoothing skin with remarkable, long-lasting effects. Discover the natural, high-tech approach that requires zero downtime and hear about our limited-time offer at $175 (previously $600), including a comprehensive skin analysis consultation. Act swiftly to secure your spot with our renowned skin specialist, available only twice a year. Uncover the path to a radiant, non-invasive full face and neck lift. Your beauty journey begins here! Book Yours Now at (202) 933-3401 or On :


Want a non-surgical, skin-tightening solution? For a short period, we're slashing $425 OFF our signature non-invasive Face Lift. Get it now for just $175 (usual price $600). But, quick - this deal is only for the next 20 women! Our FDA-approved Facelift treatment ensures you stay ageless with: • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles * 8 Tightened loose skin * A painless procedure with downtime Come to Georgetown Allure Medical Spa! Save $425 on our Face Lift today! Hurry, limited slots #nonsurgicaltreatment #nonsurgicalfacelift #skincaretips #beautypromotion #medicalspa

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Transformative Hydrofacial + LED Treatment at Georgetown Allure Medical Spa: My Experience

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Acne Domination Package!!

TRY GEORGETOWN ALLURE ACNE DOMINATION PACKAGE! Get: 1 Acne Relief Facial, 2 Acne Control Facials, 3 Light Therapy Add-On, 1 Analysis and Consultation FOR ONLY $450 INSTEAD OF $548!! A collection of the best beauty & skincare online courses from across the web

Anti Aging Facials Georgetown Allure Medical Spa A collection of the best beauty & skincare online courses from across the web

Georgetown Allure Medical Spa

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Blue Light FIGHTS Acne!

Blue light therapy got FDA approved to treat P-bacteria and Acne. AND IT WORKS!!! Led Emitting Diode Therapy (LED) is the method scientists from NASA discovered a while back that helps mankind with many things. Among them are: growing living cells, regenerating tissue, heal old wound marks, etc. However, this animation focuses on how this technology helps people GET READ OF ACNE A collection of the best beauty & skincare online courses from across the web Light comes in many colors, which comes in different wavelengths. These in turn, affect different levels of our epidermis. RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE. BLUE LIGHT Penetrates about 1mm of the epidermis and is used to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and reduce heal sebaceous glands. This light provides oxygen into the skin increasing the blood flow and providing essential nutrients and proteins to help heal your skin! We encourage a combination of Blue and Red light when a red light therapy will follow the blue light therapy. While Blue light is preventing the formation of P.Bacteria; Red light therapy helps with reducing any inflammation from the acne, reduce acne scars and it also conveniently prevents age lines formation. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: LIKE US AND SUBSCRIBE PLEASE SO WE CAN SHARE MORE AWESOME VIDEOS WITH YOU:)


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LIMITED TO WASHINGTONIANS (AND DMV) AND FIRST 100 BOOKING ONLY!?????? BOOK HERE: BOOST YOUR BOTOX! We believe that Botox effect if properly treated, can last longer. A collection of the best beauty & skincare online courses from across the web THIS IS WHY WE HAVE CUSTOMIZED A BOTOX-EFFECT-EXTENDER PACKAGE THAT INCLUDES AN EXTENDING GOLD FACIAL (TYPICALLY 2 WEEKS AFTER INCEPTIONS- SUBJECTED TO PHYSICIAN OPINION) AND A PEELING MASK. WE OFFER TO OUR PATIENTS AN INTRODUCTORY PROPOSAL: A FULL EXTENDER PACKAGE WITH ANY INJECTABLES PURCHASE . FOR MORE INFORMATION: *This ad is not intended to replace or serve as a medical opinion or consultation. During a Pre-Treatment consultation, a Doctor should discuss with you your treatment options which may include injectables such as Botox. Botox may cause serious side effects that can be life threatening, including problems swallowing, speaking, or breathing. Read all safety considerations for Botox here:


It is recommended to combine Lifting and Anti-aging Facebuilding Exercises together with Light Therapy. To learn about Lifting and Anti-aging Facebuilding Exercises: FOR MORE INFORMATION: ---------------------------------------- LED (Light Emitting Diode) devices are becoming a great source for skin rejuvenation, acne scars healing and FACE MUSCLE LIFTING ?? A collection of the best beauty & skincare online courses from across the web TODAY THERE ARE PORTABLE LED DEVICES FOR HOME USE The LED technology was first discovered by NASA as they looked for revolutionary ways to make vegetables grow faster ??, in order to supply fresh food to astronauts with long term missions. THEY FOUND OUT THAT LED GIVES CELLS AND LIVING ORGANISM MORE ENERGY AND CONTRIBUTES TO THE PRODUCTION OF NATURAL NUTRIENTS. This brought scientists to the development of Light Therapy using LED technology. LED devices are now FDA approved and are proven to promote COLLAGEN PRODUCTION FOR YOUNGER APPEARANCE, restoration of wounded tissues, elimination of sun spots, muscle and cells growth, reduce skin inflammation and more. READ ABOUT NASA's LED DISCOVERY: CLINICAL PAPERS:* FOR MORE INFORMATION OF NON-SURGICAL FACE-LIFT USING LED: PLEASE LIKE US AND SUBSCRIBE TO GET MORE EASY-EXPLAINED, INTERESTING FACTS, TIPS AND CONTENT ON SKIN CARE AND COSMETOLOGY?????? Disclaimer*: nothing in this video or content can or should replace professional medical consultation and is not intended to replace any medical opinion, recommendation or diagnosis. © All rights reserved


Gold is nature's strongest Antioxidant. Short ad from Georgetown Allure Georgetown Allure is a high-end medical spa in Washington D.C. SUBSCRIBE to watch creative skin care videos from us! Facebook Instagram

Gold Facials

We use gold to diminish Hyper-Pigmentation and to detoxify your skin. Your skin will glow, guaranteed.