I like so many others are living our lives in an environment characterized by stress both personally and at work. The impact to each of us is the resulting aging of our bodies highlighted by our individual appearance and the aging of our skin. If you love the sun as I do it then becomes a double negative. For me, I had the good fortune as my curiosity had me walking into Georgetown Allure just to take a look to see what they had to offer to revitalize my appearance. That day was my lucky day as they have indeed given me the opportunity to not only resolve my issues of appearance but to also give me back a few years of what I did in neglecting my body. I had no idea that they could become a game changer for me. It is not the ego of appearance but the feeling of being healthy and somewhat re-energized. Try Georgetown Allure and as a more than a happy customer, I’m very comfortable communicating to you this testimonial.

Robert Pincus

Member Since Jan-2018

Allure is so much more than a traditional facial spa, providing expert skin care consultation and treatments. They started with an exploration of my goals and a complete assessment my skin care needs. This led to recommendations for a short and long-range treatment plan. What I appreciate most is their professionalism, making treatment notes, tracking my progress revising the plans accordingly and making sure their staff is always on the same page with me. The focus is not on their products or treatments, but foremost on my desired outcomes. Their care is always relationship-based and provided within a genuinely caring atmosphere.

Chris Duff

Member Since Jul-2018

Take it from me, never listen to anyone if they tell you it’s too late to start changing your appearance. You’re as young as you feel, and if you want to keep looking as young as you feel, then this is the Spa for you!

I have been with this medical spa since they open and have seen the growth and constant drive to stay with the cutting edge technology in the skin. This Spa is a beautiful balance of nature and science; where they try to stay as natural as they can, but will use the technology of today to achieve amazing and safe results. I highly recommend this Spa for all ages and genders, it doesn’t matter where you are in your skin care journey, whether you are ready to make more drastic moves, or if you are simply looking for basic upkeep for long lasting healthy skin, this is the Spa for you.

Susan Flynn

The thing I love the most about Georgetown Allure is the professionalism of its staff. The skin care specialists are so knowledgeable it makes you feel you are at the hands of true professionals. This coupled with their innate charisma makes it a place where you are treated with excellence. The ongoing communication is so reassuring, one cannot doubt your skin will improve, and it sure does! The atmosphere of the spa is truly inspirational, to a degree that it can rebalance your energy by revitalizing your senses in a soothing manner. I’m completely satisfied with the results we have accomplished together. My best part of a stressful day is coming to the spa and feeling like I have landed into my sacred heaven. I feel so welcome from beginning to end while knowing for certain my skin concerns are being taken care of definitely.

Sue Gibson

I have been receiving treatments since May 2016.  The treatments are every two weeks with the program I am under. The program also includes products I use daily.

Since I have been in the program my skin and complexion have improved.  Both friends and new acquaintances say I look over 10 years younger than I am.  The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. I would highly recommend the program and products.

George Kresslein

I have been a customer since July 2017 and I have enjoyed each of my visits!

I was always welcomed by a group of professionals who welcome me with their smiles.

Estheticians are very experienced and I feel like a new person after the treatment. I would recommend this spa to you all.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. I would highly recommend the program and products.

Khim See Myint

Get started on your journey to a healthier, more beautiful skin.

Google Reviews

Aimee Priest
Aimee P.
I couldn’t be happier with my last facial with dermaplaning. Maria is a skin expert, she really knows her stuff. We came up with a treatment plan for my skin and I can already see the results! I’ll be back for sure.
ArtMoon Studio
ArtMoon S.
Ylia has such a good energy! she explained very well about the products and my looks so good!
Alice Convey
Alice C.
I had an amazing experience with Yulia. Thank you
Лина Голуб
Лина Г.
Yulia was so professional!! I love this place and the products
Alik Konovlenko
Alik K.
The products are amazing! Go to try and ask for Yulia
Hope Burford
Hope B.
Alex was amazing! The place is nice and the products were great! Try it you’ll like it!
Phil Petrilli
Phil P.
This place is beautiful. Super clean. Alex was a delight and super professional. Great products!
Joe Novak
Joe N.
I enjoyed this place. Allure Spa. . Alex was incredibly professional and helped me with my skin.
Mindy Bain
Mindy B.
Spa is beautiful! Alex is sweet and professional - loved spending time with her! Products are wonderful.
Daniel Baum
Daniel B.
Best medical spa in DC area period. I have been visited many medical spa all over the world and this medical spa it's a all different level, very professional team very knowledgeable , very fair prices and over all customers satisfaction is their top priority. highly recommended for everybody, man and woman. That want to take their skin to the next level.Good job guys
Rachel Avila
Rachel A.
Products are amazing. Great quality and amazing results. I recommend Georgetown Allure Medical Spa for all your facial needs.
Debrha Smith
Debrha S.
I passed by the medical spa in Georgetown and Yulia gave me to try their eye products (bio syringe) and I immediately fell in love! The product LITERALLY removed my lines and my puffiness completely! I was shocked by the results and didn't believe that products can work so fast!! 2 days later I came for a consultation for my neck and the treatment they introduce me to stunned me. I was straggling with my skin for years and I couldn't believe that treatment like this existed. I won't lie the products and the treatment are pretty expensive but they worth every penny! I highly recommend!Go try their products and their services. Thank you Yulia for giving me a life changing products.
אודליה אברמוביץ'
אודליה א.
This place is incredible!! The products made my skin so look 20 years younger!! Ask for Yulia
Mark Steinel
Mark S.
Jennifer awesome at explaining things
Meaghan Gresham
Meaghan G.
Incredible products and amazing staff. Ask for Alex and you’ll get the best service!
Jess Lofland
Jess L.
Super happy with my experience. The place was clean and the facials are incredible. Alex helped me find the exact facial for me that would benefit my skin. I’ve been so happy with my results! Def recommend
danielle shay
danielle S.
I love this place! Alex was very professional And charming. The products are great, literally life changing - i highly recommend Allure Medical Spa
Terry Passano
Terry P.
Alex did a wonderful job. She was very professional. Shout out from NJ
Annalise Parks
Annalise P.
Michael is the best! ✨
My mother looks 20 years younger because of the bio syringe!! Thanks Yulia 🙂
Margarita Shevchenko
Margarita S.
Yulia is so sweet!! She showed me their skin care products they are so good ! My skin feels really great !
Jade D
Jade D
This was my first time entering the spa and Yulia was very helpful and informative!
Heather MacEachern
Heather M.
Alex’s incredible energy (and French accent) and professionalism was amazing! The products she introduced me to were great! The Advanced Marine Bio-syringe is a must buy! Cheers from Toronto!
Anna McGinn
Anna M.
I had a lovely experience with Yulia. She was highly educated on all of the products. She showed us how all of the products worked and they all lived up the expectations. I would highly recommend coming here if you would like some life changing products.
kimberly gordon
kimberly G.
Yulia is a miracle worker....have to experience the treatment to truly “see”the results....AMAZING! Have to check her out. Kimberly
Sara Reginato Farmer
Sara Reginato F.
This product is amazing! incredible results after few seconds of application. Andrew, my consultant, was very professional and a very nice person, surely i suggest this experience to all the women that wants to look beautiful! Ask for Andrew!
Homayoun Yeroushalmi
Homayoun Y.
Alex was very professional Helped me with my skins needs, I highly recommend Allure medical spa!
CoDee Hartle
CoDee H.
Jenifer is so amazing. Made me and my mom so happy.
Michael samples the eye cream which gave me amazing results. I look at least 10 years younger. He is charming and very knowledgeable and very kind. Stop by and see him and get some life changing products.
Jennifer Shrem
Jennifer S.
I have to tell you that this is by far the best place ever to get a facial!!! the stuff is so amazing and they are so professional. all of my questions ware answered.I highly recommend this place you won’t be disappointed for sure!Thanks for making me look younger !!!!
Aydee Fishback
Aydee F.
I love the products. Yulia took care of me. I love it! Thanks
Aviv Meiri
Aviv M.
Amazing place, amazing team and amazing facials. Thank you Allure Georgetown!
Karen Kaye Mendoza
Karen Kaye M.
Michael explained the products very well. Spa products were amazing! Everyone should try it!
Emma L Fragrances
Emma L F.
By far the best medical spa you can hope to find in Washington D.C and perhaps anywhere. Starting with the place, what a beautiful place and so conveniently located! The rooms are beautifully designed with great taste. The team is very supportive both onsite and online (they respond very quickly to any question and they also have a chat on their website). You can tell that the facials and the treatments are made love to and the process they suggest on your journey to a beautiful skin is a based on real knowledge, you can just feel that. Yes the prices are very high but you get what you pop pay for and in Georgetown Allure you really get the best there is (tip: buy a package and save on treatments and products costs).
Raven B.
Raven B.
Charlotte Steinberg
Charlotte S.
yossi leavitt
yossi L.
Best place ever
Adhata Sam
Adhata S.
Amazing professional and very good for any facial treatment.....Good job guys
Teruka Jimenez
Teruka J.
I had a wonderful facial at 672 Flats on 2-10-2019. I will have a facial with Georgetown Allure Medical Spa any time.
Goitom T Mengesha
Goitom T M.
Aesthetic facial menu and packages offer veriaty of treatments and options that i haven't seen before. Very convenient to book online. The team is highly professional
Evan Abramsky
Evan A.
guy benshushan
guy B.
My wife and I were looking for a good medical spa as she needed some rest to Lynn feelers treatments and I was looking for chemical peel. The place is beautiful, and the service is very professional, and the team is super helpful and informative. I recommend to purchase a membership
Aaliyah Cyprian
Aaliyah C.
Lovely experience. Customer service was excellent the employees made sure that I was very comfortable.
Anthony T
Anthony T
Great company with excellent customer service. They truly know what they are doing. Adam was very kind and knowledgeable of the products they offer, Keep doing great work!
nish s
nish s
Go to place for all things facial! The staff is passionate about delivering quality treatments and it shows! Added bonus is being able to buy goodies for self care in between visits. I got the collagen facial peel and I can't wait to try it at home!!
Brad Franklyn
Brad F.
I got the microneedling treatment with Fillerina for my face and I do Botox and injectables from time to time with Georgetown Allure. I love working with this team and I love coming over to this medical spa. They are really good in what they are doing.
Reda Ayadi
Reda A.
Lovely place. Had a standard facial. My skin feels very good and clean. Highly recommend.
Bre Valente
Bre V.
It was my first time trying the spa. I got a facial. My skin is so soft now! I got microdermabrasion, which I've never had before, but it felt great. I loved the fragrant oils and shoulder massage. It was so relaxing! Tina was very sweet and did a great job with the facial. I was really impressed with the salon decor. It's very clean and inviting! It was a lovely experience. Definitely worth treating myself!
Erica Krauss
Erica K.
It was a pleasure working with Georgetown Allure. We hired Georgetown Allure for a resident appreciation day at The Apollo. The team was extremely professional and our residents loved their facials. The event looked beautiful and Georgetown Allure was the perfect partner to celebrate our residents with.
Kian Ghaffari
Kian G.
Josh was awesome
Izik Ben
Izik B.
A while a visited Washington DC I go across this store I went inside to get some suggestions for a problem that I'm suffering with my hands skin . I have been suffering from this problem for awhile. With minimum expectations I went in and I can say clearly that after 2 weeks of using their products I see a huge difference and a big progress with the problem I have.Highly recommend this spa .Even though I live in Florida I'm sure that in my next visit to DC I will go in for some new exciting products those guys have to offer. I have only one complaint- Why you guys not opening a spa down here in Florida. LOL .Thanks again for the miracle you did for my skin.
timothy degroot
timothy D.
Hyunah Kim
Hyunah K.
Best none surgery face lifting
Mariel Horn
Mariel H.
Yvonne Vierra
Yvonne V.
I love this salon, every time I go I feel like I’m a queen getting the royal treatment. The place is very clean and modern with a lot of high tech quality equipment. The services are not only great for my skin and help me to look healthy and more youthful, but it’s so relaxing. After a stressful week at work ( I work in a bank) coming to this place is amazing and exactly what I need. I would say this place gives you the ultimate holistic treatment. I would recommend for anyone, no mater what age, skin type, or gender there is definitely something for you!
I met a rep outside of the storefront giving out cold iced tea on a hot day, we talked to him for a little while and we decided to go in and get some face lotion. Excellent customer service, and great store!
Robert Flagg
Robert F.
Great experience
Jennie Burke
Jennie B.
If you ever want a facial treatment that leaves you feeling stunningly beautiful for days, this is the “it” place. You can never go wrong making the best investment in yourself with these treatments which have long-term non-surgical results. Even better, the team at Georgetown Allure are fabulous and take the time listen to you. I love my facial treatments. I am in the best hands with Jennifer and skin care expert advisor Shay Kay from NYC. I look and feel BEAUTIFUL!
Cori Raymond
Cori R.
The staff was friendly and courteous. Best facial ever. The Esthetician had the perfect touch. Very relaxing. Loved the products 😊
Ms. Crista & Pure Elegant Services
Ms. Crista & Pure Elegant S.
The ambiance is phennomenial!! Shani is excellent with the products!!!
Dannie Dakota
Dannie D.
Christa Williams
Christa W.
Sami Hanback
Sami H.
Amari Swearinger
Amari S.
Rae Johnson
Rae J.
Amanda Acosta
Amanda A.
Great atmosphere & crew!!
marco ferro
marco F.
Posto fantastico! Ottimo prodotto con i commessi molto gentili!! Provatelo 🙂
Dream Catcher
Dream C.
Es espectacular este tratamiento
Leonardo Diaz
Leonardo D.
Amazing facial
Leyanet blanco
Leyanet B.
Good product and very nice people loved it ❤️👍
Beatriz Ariza
Beatriz A.
Great service! Definitely recommend the 24k gold eye mask!
estherbaby konie
estherbaby K.
It Is a geat spa! They do very good facials with amazing results and I love their product
Kevin Lu
Kevin L.
Fun! Gold facial!
Awesome place
ליאור אלנקוה
ליאור א.
I had a fantastic experience in Georgetown Allure. First, I must say- the place looks really amazing! I received a collagen face treatment that was special, enjoyable and super satisfying (results were unbelievable). My skin looked refreshed, younger and smooth. The team was very kind and supportive and my overall impression is 5 stars. Totally 5 stars:)
jacqui pascual
jacqui P.
Awesome friendly staff that was extremely welcoming
Destiney Henderson
Destiney H.
Great experience, very nice up and coming group!
תמר פאר
תמר פ.
Wonderful spa and a beautiful place. I was researching for a good medical spa and scheduled an appointment in Georgetown Allure. I had a very good and knowledgeable experience with one of the spa reps who educated me about the pros and cons of Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and non-surgical versus Surgical treatments. You should really check this place out as I feel that their concept is really answering a major need for a place that provides all treatments and products Under One Roof with a very comprehensive education and support
Esther Leavitt-Azulay
Esther L.
I had the most incredible facial of my life there, not just because of how wonderful my skin looked and felt afterward, but because of the staff and nurturing manner. The treatment that I did not only helped me look great, they gave me a wonderful education on best skin practices in the interim.I definitely will come back to a treatment. Love the place and my face after the facial!!!
Maryna B
Maryna B
Awesome place!! Not cheap but worth it!
Nicolas Saul
Nicolas S.
I've always been the kind of a man that on one hands really cares about how he looks but on the other hand I have never wanted to do injectables or medical cosmetic that will be noticeable. I have always wanted to get the younger appearance but I was always afraid of invasive treatments even j-plasma looked to me amazing but not necessarily something I would do. I was really happy to know Georgetown Allure and discover a place that looks into what the patient really needs and find the best solution whether it's Medical or not Medical or noninvasive products and device treatments that can balance and give the best results.
Jeremy Cooper
Jeremy C.
If it looks better, feels better and you get fantastic feedback from your friends and family it's good!I was looking online for Botox and feelers solution to my skin and visit at Georgetown Allure where I started a new facial and cosmetic program. I honestly feel that my skin looks better my Express lines are almost faded out and the shaving balms I've already had do not irritate me anymore. I hundred percent recommend this place.
Holly Belkot
Holly B.
Just had an amazing facial, which totally brightened my skin. It was luxurious and a perfect way to spend my Saturday morning. I would highly recommend.
Edie-Marie High
Edie-Marie H.
At Tilden Hall we recently used Georgetown Allure to give resident facials as part of a resident event. everyone was extremely pleased in the professionalism and customer service. The set up they had was very nice with fruits, infused water, glazed donuts, and soft calming music playing in the background. It was perfect. I look forward to bringing them back to Tilden! Thank you guys.
Dawa Tamang
Dawa T.
Sarah Bolton
Sarah B.
I love being taken care by Ivie or Tina or the rest of the team. This is my new Friday fun day, a great weekend opener and how lovely is the place!
Caitlin Merkle
Caitlin M.
Georgetown Allure came to my apartment building giving 24k gold facials. The facial was so refreshing and the staff was courteous and very knowledgeable!
Tracey Ritchie
Tracey R.
great service and immediate results, Joshua was very kind and a great help!
loidmary perenguez
loidmary P.
Amazing !!!
Rosibel Rodriguez
Rosibel R.
Very friendly, great service! Will be definitely be back.
Gabriella Segovia
Gabriella S.
great employees & great service the atmosphere is very friendly & welcoming. Definitely come back!
Emily Wilson
Emily W.
Back home from Georgetown Allure and so excited to start my new routine towards my even better healthy lifestyle: exercise regularly, eat healthy, reduce worry stress and anxiety, drink more water and feel better to look better to feel better and so on so forth!:) Thank you Adam and Shay for introducing me to your non surgical treatment program which involves a lot of full healthy lifestyle change. Looking forward to my next treatment!
Amy M
Amy M
This place is fantastic, I was looking for a facial that could really help my oily mixed complexion and the sales person really help me through all the process of understading what I really needed! There's nothing like this place, thank you Georgetown Allure!
Julie Blumberg
Julie B.
My friend recommended that I would research about Georgetown Allure's neck lift. I was very happy to explore their non surgical solutions. The team is very kind and professional, I enjoy coming for my bi weekly treatments and I am very pleased with the results.
Tory Peterson
Tory P.
My wife loved this place. She said she looks and feels 10yrs younger.
Road 60
Road 6.
Lovely spa, by far the most beautiful I have seen.24K facial is highly recommended!
Margarita Zaslavskaya
Margarita Z.
Great place. Very friendly people and amazing service. Would definitely come back to pick up more products and recommend them to all my family and friends.
Shai Magen
Shai M.
This store really surprised me, it was a perfect experience from the start to finish, The sales associate was so friendly and professional, she showed me this facemask that made my face looks absolutely amazing! Got one for my girlfriend too Thank you Gina
Amanda Banks
Amanda B.
Few months ago I signed up for a non-surgical face-lift unlimited package at Georgetown Allure. Although the price was relatively high, I am very happy to recommend this treatment to my fellow Washingtonians or whom it may be of an interest, for few reasons:1. The results. I am very very pleased at what I am seeing reflected from my mirror since I started this treatment. Nothing in the past gave me such results while I never wanted to for invasive or surgical procedures. 2. Why but products at one place, get your facial somewhere else and get your face lift at another. Georgetown Allure business model is just different than what I have seen so far. While their facility is very high end and their treatment rooms and staff are very professional, informative and just simply kind, they carry a full skin care line, exclusive in the U.S to this spa and provide you with all the creams and serum and products that you may need, meaning that actually you save money on these products over time. Not to mention the treatments you get.3. The staff. I just feel very good coming to this place. As simple as that.
Amit Alfasi
Amit A.
I bought a night cream for my mom because she has sensitive skin but it dries out easily. I have noticed the difference in her skin as far as firmness and reduction in lines and wrinkles. She has too.I also bought cleanser and day cream for myself. It's great for sensitive skin. Most of my life, I didn't use any skin care items. My face has always been super sensitive and I'm always afraid of how my face would react to chemicals. This is a nice soft creamy texture. The smell is pleasant too.
ezbuz christopher
ezbuz C.
Josh and ana are very helpful they made me feel like a new woman
Sayeh Saidi
Sayeh S.
Cheyne Stepanski
Cheyne S.
I'm almost 40 years old and so far I have avoided Botox and the injections in a constant search for the treatment that really delivers results. I travel for work once a year to Washington DC and on my last visit, I had some time to walk around in Georgetown. I entered a med spa that presented a new world of opportunities. At first, I was skeptical and decided to think about their offer. A few days later, I saw a colleague of mine who I hadn’t seen in months and she looked wonderful! When I asked what she was doing, she said that she was using Georgetown Allure’s products. Of course I was shocked by the coincidence and decided to return. I've been with them for three months now and come from New York to Washington just to get treatments! The results are amazing! Thank you!!
henry castellon
henry C.
Great store.
Joshua L
Joshua L
Georgetown Allure
Based on 31 Reviews
Aviv M.
Aviv M.
2019-07-08 16:26:00
Thank you Allure Spa for the very best facial I've ever got! I'm amazed. I will definitely come back for more treatments.
Haley H.
Haley H.
2019-03-31 04:50:02
What top notch service from when you arrive to when you leave! I visited Georgetown Allure for a facial on a Saturday afternoon. The Spa is in a great...
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H.
2019-02-21 15:33:26
I started to treat myself at Georgetown Allure medical spa few months ago when I purchased a membership and have visited their beautiful spa once every few...
Andres F.
Andres F.
2019-02-12 18:29:05
Great service. Very knowledgable. I would use them again. Adam did a great job and was very friendly.
Sylvia M.
Sylvia M.
2019-02-10 17:04:12
I had a wonderful experience. Great facial that left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Highly recommend
Rachel P.
Rachel P.
2019-02-10 09:36:17
WOW! If I could give 10 to this place I would! To be frankly honest I always told myself that I just want to age gracefully and I would never want to look...
Estie L.
Estie L.
2019-02-10 07:25:39
After turning 36 I finally gave in to my insecure feelings of aging and decided to try Botox. Doctor Ruff was great! I had a lot of questions and...
Oren K.
Oren K.
2019-02-07 08:27:55
Awesome place. The owners and staff are courteous and knowledgeable, and offer highly personalized service. Warmly recommended!
Guy B.
Guy B.
2019-01-31 07:54:23
What a fantastic Medical Spa! This place redefines the medspa industry in D.C. let's start with the team, Amy, Ron and Adam are so kind and professional....
Amit A.
Amit A.
2019-01-30 08:19:36
I really want to share my outstanding experience with the team of Georgetown Allure Medical Spa. I booked a treatment Online because my skin was irritating,...
Idan S.
Idan S.
2019-01-28 08:37:27
Hey Allure team!! You guys are the best!! You made me feel so good about myself, I am just so happy to write this review . Listen up people of D.C.,...
Uri B.
Uri B.
2019-01-26 16:12:09
I am extremely picky when it comes to who takes care of my skin. It took me sometime to book an appointment because the place is very busy but I was told by...
Zelie L.
Zelie L.
2019-01-25 17:11:02
Joshua is a consummate professional with tons of knowledge about how to make your skin healthy and gorgeous. I am 61 years old and he showed me how the...
Liam G.
Liam G.
2019-01-24 09:45:02
Georgetown Allure came to my apartment building. 10/10 would recommend their services. Their staff is very knowledgeable. I got an acne facial treatment -...
Lori A.
Lori A.
2019-01-17 17:56:09
They came to Del Ray Tower today. The owner was very nice and well organized. My apartment complex management is not well organized, but they made the best...
Melissa L.
Melissa L.
2019-01-16 16:08:20
Amy was fabulous and did such an amazing job giving me a facial to help clear my acne and brighten my skin! Such a great session and amazing advice and I...
Maariya B.
Maariya B.
2019-01-15 17:50:11
Wonderful in home facial. Incredible kind and supportive staff catering to your every need. I can't wait to utilize more of their in home services in the...
John H.
John H.
2019-01-09 09:31:20
i have been a customer of Georgetown Allure since starting in Arlington Virginia. The service and products are all in the top area. The staff of Amy, Adam...
Mercedes B.
Mercedes B.
2019-01-05 15:49:12
Georgetown Allure are the best! Joshua, Co-Founder, and his team members are so professional, friendly and kind. They made me feel as though I was a...
C M.
C M.
2018-12-25 14:28:46
Was treated to a facial here and it was great! A special salute to Adam and Amy! They were both super kind and gave excellent customer service!
Marel S.
Marel S.
2018-08-24 20:17:46
Georgetown Allure is The spa is as others have mentioned in their reviews, very stylishly done. Very Clean looking with a lot of white leather. All the...
Bree D.
Bree D.
2018-08-24 18:00:52
It was my first time trying the spa. I got a facial. My skin is so soft now! I got microdermabrasion, which I've never had before, but it felt great. I...
Josh L.
Josh L.
2018-05-08 14:35:28
If you're visiting D.C. you'll walk on M street. If you're walking on M street, you'll pass by this state of the art, well designed spa. Georgetown Allure...
David W.
David W.
2018-03-17 14:53:46
I never thought that I would take care of my skin the way I do now. I've always said it is a 'girly thing' but actually I doubted that I can really get...