I like so many others are living our lives in an environment characterized by stress both personally and at work. The impact to each of us is the resulting aging of our bodies highlighted by our individual appearance and the aging of our skin. If you love the sun as I do it then becomes a double negative. For me, I had the good fortune as my curiosity had me walking into Georgetown Allure just to take a look to see what they had to offer to revitalize my appearance. That day was my lucky day as they have indeed given me the opportunity to not only resolve my issues of appearance but to also give me back a few years of what I did in neglecting my body. I had no idea that they could become a game changer for me. It is not the ego of appearance but the feeling of being healthy and somewhat re-energized. Try Georgetown Allure and as a more than a happy customer, I’m very comfortable communicating to you this testimonial.

Robert Pincus

Member Since Jan-2018

Allure is so much more than a traditional facial spa, providing expert skin care consultation and treatments. They started with an exploration of my goals and a complete assessment my skin care needs. This led to recommendations for a short and long-range treatment plan. What I appreciate most is their professionalism, making treatment notes, tracking my progress revising the plans accordingly and making sure their staff is always on the same page with me. The focus is not on their products or treatments, but foremost on my desired outcomes. Their care is always relationship-based and provided within a genuinely caring atmosphere.

Chris Duff

Member Since Jul-2018

Take it from me, never listen to anyone if they tell you it’s too late to start changing your appearance. You’re as young as you feel, and if you want to keep looking as young as you feel, then this is the Spa for you!

I have been with this medical spa since they open and have seen the growth and constant drive to stay with the cutting edge technology in the skin. This Spa is a beautiful balance of nature and science; where they try to stay as natural as they can, but will use the technology of today to achieve amazing and safe results. I highly recommend this Spa for all ages and genders, it doesn’t matter where you are in your skin care journey, whether you are ready to make more drastic moves, or if you are simply looking for basic upkeep for long lasting healthy skin, this is the Spa for you.

Susan Flynn

The thing I love the most about Georgetown Allure is the professionalism of its staff. The skin care specialists are so knowledgeable it makes you feel you are at the hands of true professionals. This coupled with their innate charisma makes it a place where you are treated with excellence. The ongoing communication is so reassuring, one cannot doubt your skin will improve, and it sure does! The atmosphere of the spa is truly inspirational, to a degree that it can rebalance your energy by revitalizing your senses in a soothing manner. I’m completely satisfied with the results we have accomplished together. My best part of a stressful day is coming to the spa and feeling like I have landed into my sacred heaven. I feel so welcome from beginning to end while knowing for certain my skin concerns are being taken care of definitely.

Sue Gibson

I have been receiving treatments since May 2016.  The treatments are every two weeks with the program I am under. The program also includes products I use daily.

Since I have been in the program my skin and complexion have improved.  Both friends and new acquaintances say I look over 10 years younger than I am.  The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. I would highly recommend the program and products.

George Kresslein

I have been a customer since July 2017 and I have enjoyed each of my visits!

I was always welcomed by a group of professionals who welcome me with their smiles.

Estheticians are very experienced and I feel like a new person after the treatment. I would recommend this spa to you all.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. I would highly recommend the program and products.

Khim See Myint

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